Training Body and Mind and our tips on yoga etiquette Velocity Sports Club

A yoga studio is generally viewed as a space that caters to quiet time and personal reflection. Yoga studios have become places of bustling activity and social engagement as the practice becomes more popular with a greater audience. Although many of us get our therapy from simply running on the treadmill, others like to get their namaste on in a calm environment to still the mind and challenge the body. Velocity Sports Lab and their yoga instructors cater 100% to these needs in our classes. Read on about training body and mind and our 10 tips on yoga etiquette.

Show Up on Time

By arriving a good few minutes before class, you are immediately respecting your instructor and fellow students, as well as giving yourself time to lay out your mat, gather props, and bring your breath to an even and steady pace.  Although most teachers won’t mind if you slip in a few minutes late and quietly take a place at the back, be aware that the class has already begun, and the focus of the group may be disturbed. Let it only be an emergency that forces you to leave before the end of class. Savasana (relaxation) at the end is always the best part of yoga.

Turn your Cell Phone off

This is imperative and includes anything that bings, rings or buzzes. To truly devote yourself to practice you need to be free of the texts, tweets, and Facebook comments that pop up on your screen. Go old school. You do not want to distract others and you want to be totally present in class.

Training Body and Mind and our tips on yoga etiquette Velocity Sports Club

Mind Your Scent

Your authentic au natural scent may not be welcome in a crowded yoga room, however you also need to be aware on the flip side and not to wear strong perfume. A standard essential oil or deodorant will do the trick. 

Share the Space

Your teacher will generally move around the room to demonstrate throughout the practice. Try to stagger the placement of your mat so you are not directly in front of your fellow yogis. Move your mat if need be especially if someone does happen to come in late but stay centered.

Mind your chatting

Sure, yoga classes can be a great place to make new friends and meet new people, but keep the chatting for the changeroom or the coffee meetup at our very own vida café afterwards.

Keep an Open Mind

Even though every yogi has a favourite teacher, keep an open mind and heart.

Book your yoga classes at VSL Hout Bay or VSL Hilton – you will not be disappointed with our amazing teachers and spaces.

Training Body and Mind and our tips on yoga etiquette Velocity Sports Club