Velocity Sports Lab Hout Bay has recently launched POUND, the popular rockout workout straight out of LA California. This workout was inspired by the sweat dripping, heart-pumping, energising feeling of playing the drums and in turn has inspired a whole community of followers to break boundaries and transform bodies.

VSL Hout Bay have successfully launched POUND as one of our regular classes on Thursdays at 8:30am & 17:15pm

Designed for all fitness levels, this full body cardio-jam session combines cardio, conditioning and strength training. Each person is equipped with a set of Ripstix® , lightly weighted drumsticks, specifically designed for exercising, to drum those bodies into shape!

After you’ve rocked your 45-minute POUND class, you’ll have completed up to 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through more than 70 techniques without even realizing it.

POUND was designed to distract you from the high-intensity and duration of your workout, and shift your focus to rhythm and volume. While building your core you will also improve your timing, coordination, speed, agility and endurance with this amazing class.

Come and join us for a POUND Rockout Workout every Thursday at VSL Hout Bay!

Pound Classes Cape Town Hout Bay


WE BELIEVE in the power of music and the freedom of rocking out.

WE SUPPORT unleashing aggression, discovering new talents, and
awaking new senses.

WE ENCOURAGE sampling new forms of movement, uncovering new
rhythms, and tapping into new ways of listening.

WE PROMOTE camaraderie, friendship and bonding.

WE BELIEVE in loving our bodies while improving them.

WE BELIEVE in handing you the permission to Rock!