Beach Workout Pop Up Classes at Velocity Sports Lab Hout Bay

As you may now be aware, we are running the very novel Pop Up classes at Velocity Sports Lab Hout Bay. A very popular class to attend is the one of the Beach Workout Pop Up Classes at Velocity Sports Lab Hout Bay.

What are the benefits to working out on the beach?

There are plenty of perks to working out on the beach, but suffice it to say, that an extra dose of sunshine, playing in the water, and, of course, exercising on the sand, should be enough motivation.

Here are some more beach tips

– Running on the sand has less impact on your body, which makes it easier on your joints.

– The grains of sand create an unstable surface and so they add resistance to any workout and provide a higher calorie burn.

– The beach holds so much variety and gives you a break from being in the gym. You can run, do HIIT, Pilates, Yoga or Boot Camp.

– The sand is such a diverse surface to challenge your body. Instead of isolated muscles being exercised through typical weights or circuit training, the body gets a holistic workout outdoors on the beach, as exercising on the sand incorporates the element of balance into every motion.

– Our favourite is that your core gets a workout, which normally wouldn’t be engaged if you are just doing the exercise on the inside gym circuit.

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