When a NAPAC ballet dancer became frustrated with the deficits in both the genres of fitness and ballet, she, together with other passionate individuals, co-founded their own exhilarating movement, blending mind and body called ‘BalletRIP’. We explore the origins of this increasingly popular dance movement and share in her inspiration.

Do you have a history in dance/ballet?

“Ballet has been in my blood’ for four decades. Every day after school, I would walk to the local ballet studio and spend my entire afternoon training in a small garage. This was my world. Thereafter, I spent three wonderful years at the UCT School of Ballet during which time we toured Austria and Italy. I then entered professional life as a ballet dancer with NAPAC for several years.”

What is Ballet RIP? 

BalletRIP is a fitness model based on principles of classical ballet. BalletRIP is BARRE- LESS. BalletRIP prides itself in not relying on an external prop such as a Barre. With BalletRIP, you step away from the Barre and learn to tap into your deep core stabilizers to execute each movement. BalletRIP breaks down barriers by deconstructing the complex choreography of ballet into simple, fun, doable and effective movement sequences. Strong emphasis is placed on attention to detail and postural alignment. BalletRIP is an exhilarating experience welding mind and body together.


BalletRIP is Barre-Less Ballet

Where does it emanate from? What are its origins?

BalletRIP began in my mother’s dining room 25 years ago. BalletRIP was born out of sheer frustration due to the perceived deficits in both the fitness and dance worlds. BalletRIP is the interface of dance and fitness and attempts to address the deficits and embrace the benefits of both paradigms. BalletRIP is fitness via form.


What are the benefits for members who take this class?

“BalletRIP breaks down barriers in that the fitness model is open to every human. Participants report that the classes are doable, great fun and hugely effective. The principles underpinning BalletRIP mean that the muscles fibers change shape to produce a long, strong and functional body. BalletRIP has numerous cross-training benefits for traditional athletes. This is because BalletRIP encourages lateral movement, rotation, and elongation which traditional sports often miss out on.”

Are there any injuries that would restrict participation?

“Due to its emphasis on precision, postural alignment, and correct execution, BalletRIP is very safe for the majority of people. BalletRIP encourages one to use the paradoxical forces within the body and the floor as principal resistance tools which makes BalletRIP safe, effective and functional.”

How fit do you need to be?

“BalletRIP caters for fitness on every level. BalletRIP is instructed in such a way that participants can engage with a basic level and progress each movement to a level of their choice. In this way, BalletRIP can be enjoyed by the ‘person on the street’ to that of a professional ballet dancer or athlete. In this way, BalletRIP has broad appeal.”

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

“I was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal until the age of 30. I then spent 14 years in England. I returned to Cape Town in 2012 and have two beautiful girls aged 14 and 12. I split my time between my role as Artistic Director of BalletRIP Pty Ltd and a Registered/Chartered Psychologist. We run Instructor courses every year in Cape Town. From there, instructors spread out to different parts of the world.”



BalletRIP is an exhilarating movement to awesome music across a range of musical genres.

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