Read our top 8 benefits of spinning or stationary cycling Velocity Sports Club

Anyone who has attended a spinning class at Velocity Sports Lab will attest to this class affording either a challenging workout or simply a flat-out fun experience every time you hop into the saddle. Let’s not forget the improvements that show up in the mirror and of course the many other benefits. Read our top 8 benefits of spinning or stationary cycling.

Calorie Burn

One of the main benefits of spinning is that it offers an effective way to lose weight using a combination of cardio and strength work. A good 40-minute spin session packs a double punch. You will be burning calories during the session (cardio) and building muscle tone for an all-day calorie burn (strength). Check out our Spin & Tone class on Thursdays from 8:30AM – 9:30AM at the Velocity Hout Bay branch, and the Spin & HIIT class on Mondays from 17:00PM – 18:00PM at the Hilton branch.

Cardio Fitness

An intense spinning session will certainly get your heart working. Being in a controlled environment makes it ideal for interval training to alternate between high intensity, high speed pedalling and recovery. There’s not much that can beat cycling for improving your cardio fitness.


Contrary to what you may think, you can most certainly improve your strength on an exercise bike. This is due to the resistance control that can simulate the efforts of climbing or sprinting. So, it’s not only when you are on the road powering your bike up hills that you can improve your strength. You can create the effects of the hill exactly when you want, for as long as you want. You can use a stationary bike or join a spinning class at Velocity Sports Lab. Let your instructor take you up some steep hills, as well as through some low resistance high speed spinning which is great for cardio fitness. If you increase that resistance a bit and work hard to keep up your pedal speed, you will quickly build strength, especially in your calves and thighs. Spinning is not just a lower body workout. Your core will get a tough workout whilst stabilising your body whether standing, pushing hard at high resistance in the saddle or in those high RPM sessions. Your arms and shoulders work too, as you use the handlebars to help you ‘lever’ power to the pedals.

Read our top 8 benefits of spinning or stationary cycling Velocity Club

Low Impact

If you are recovering from an injury (anchor link to rehab) or simply want to protect your joints, cycling should be your exercise of choice. The benefit of a stationary bike is you can adapt the settings to what you can handle. Spinning also helps to build strength and stability in your lower back, shoulders, and neck, without the impact of running.

Joint Mobility

When joints are a concern, again, spinning is a great exercise. The reason for this is because it helps to maintain mobility of your ankle, knee, and hip joints. If you engage in low resistance, easy spinning, you are maintaining joint mobility and even reducing inflammation. If you add some pedal resistance you can improve muscle strength around the joints to improve joint stability, which helps prevent joint injuries. It would always be a good idea to consult a doctor first!


One of the more unspoken benefits of spinning is safety. If you are concerned about traffic, falling off, bad weather or potentially being preyed upon when its dark, then cycle on one of our stationary bikes or take a spinning class! You’re in the gym and you are getting all the benefits of cycling without any of the risks. If you can only find time to cycle when it’s dark, then rather train indoors.


It is important to have some technique and watch your form on the bicycle. But, training on a stationary bike is easy! Even if your technique suffers as you get tired, you are a lot less likely to get injured than if you lose.


Group training is always fun, and when you can engage in a high energy spin class there’s bound to be a strong social side. Music, laughter and fun!

If you read our top 8 benefits of spinning or stationary cycling and are intrigued check out the schedule for Velocity Sports Lab Hout Bay or Velocity Sports Lab Hilton and book a spot in the spinning class.

Read our top 8 benefits of spinning or stationary cycling Velocity Sports Club