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Registered Dietician and Private Chef

Kelly was drawn to dietetics because she was deeply interested in the role of nutrition in optimal health, peak performance and the treatment and prevention of illness. Having planned to study either physics or accounting at university, Kelly changed her mind at the last minute in order to pursue her passion. She started with a degree in Physiology and Psychology, followed by Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Cape Town.

In 2010, Kelly went to live in Vancouver, where she continued her exploration of nutrition in a different way. After completing her Professional Culinary qualification at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, Kelly went to work with Andrea Potter – a holistic nutritionist and chef – to learn about whole foods, vegan and raw cooking techniques. That practical experience with food has profoundly influenced the way Kelly works.

Kelly returned to Cape Town in 2012 to start her dietetics practice at the Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay. She is passionate about transforming lifestyles and showing people how to make good nutrition an enjoyable, easy and sustainable part of real life.

Training Plans

Our resident sports scientist, Tim Ellerbeck, coaches and trains athletes looking for a competitive edge and those in need of sport-specific guidance. Whether your goal is to finish your first 10km run or push for a podium position at World Championship level he can help you.

Tim deals with the following options - personal training sessions, training programs and training camps. He's happy to accommodate any special requests to cater for an individual's needs. Depending on the level of coaching required, interested parties can be assisted with an internet based training program, or on the flip side one can have fully integrated one-on-one training sessions (with internet supplementation*) at Velocity Sports Lab, for athletes based in Cape Town.