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State of the art Technogym Weights that will cater for all people and will let you target all the muscle groups you desire


Aerobic and Personal Trainer Studios

A larger aerobic class studio and two smaller personal training studios are available. Join a class, stretch or have some time with our trainers to achieve your goals

Cardio Equipment & Strength Training

Our cardio equipment and pure strength machines, in conjunction with the Technogym Wellness System, allow you to track your progress and see the improvements that you are making day to day.

Spinning Studio

Spinning classes, equipped with Suunto Fitness Solutions, are held most mornings, and with the amazing view out over Hout Bay beach - can you imagine a better place to be improving your fitness and cycling?


Endless Pools

All the benefits of a traditional pool, but in a smaller space.

Endless Pool Elite, a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionizing swim instruction. The Elite offers coaches a unique and unprecendented opportunity to analyze every element of their swimmers' stroke, while providing both coach and athlete instantaneous, real-time feedback via multiple adjustment cameras and mirrors.

Pool Training

If you need help with stroke correction or training, our swim zone coach Laura Strugnell can help you. Laura is a National Synchronized swimming champion and coaches both adults and children of all swimming abilities.

Performance Equipment

Watt Bike

"Inspired by a lifetime of elite sport and passionate about performance, we set out to create what others thought was impossible; an indoor bike for cyclists." - Wattbike

An indoor bike that will improve your cycling through offering the smooth feel of the road but also by analyzing every pedal stroke and providing instant feedback on power, heart rate and technique.

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

"Changing the way the World's best Athletes Train. And Rehab." - AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Developed by NASA, AlterG® treadmills unweight a runner allowing you to train harder, longer and with a lower impact. Stay motivated and track progress with concrete data, which increases confidence levels.

Also, the unweighting process allows you to train sooner after injury or surgery.